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In the atmosphere of the New Year with the traditional Spring “drinking water, remember its source” towards the motherland, dated 31/01/2016 Vietnam embassy in Canada has long held a New Year program for Canadian families receive Vietnam adoption. About 70 Canadian families Vietnam adoption represents thousands of children in Vietnam circumstances warmth tortuous find his family in Canada have participated in the program. The children and parents are watching video on traditional holidays in Vietnam, the folk games of children in Vietnam, to taste traditional dishes Vietnam as banh chung Tet, Tet jam, join festival Tet the Vietnamese community in Canada and see unique cultural program to celebrate Spring by artists from domestic Vietnam to perform.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador of Vietnam in Canada stressed that the purpose of the meeting was to express gratitude to the families of Vietnamese adoptions, and reminds the children to roots his people. Ambassador expressed his pleasure at the growing number of children less fortunate family circumstances can find support arms, which gives the children a brighter future, and expressed appreciation to the Friends of Canada has expanded loving arms embrace marginalized fate in a distant country and there are many difficulties, such as Vietnam.

Good opportunity to further tighten the rope coherence between the two countries Vietnam – Canada through humanitarian action humane. On behalf of the families receiving the crib, he share the joy when the adoption integrate very well with the new environment, while affirming their responsibility to remind the children always remembered his roots . He also expressed hope to see many more similar activities are organized for the children to have the opportunity to be exposed to other Vietnamese friends, learn the specific culture of one’s birth.

Young children are nurtured in a good environment with full of love will become good citizens, promote the good nature of the people of Vietnam, always love, respect who had grown fosterers, meaningful lives in their families and contribute to Canada XAA beautiful building, while still not forgotten their homeland, their roots to become a bridge mount friendship between Canada and Vietnam.

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CBIE signs an agreement with the Association of Vietnamese Universities

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This three year agreement will strengthen and expand the Vietnam-Canada bilateral relationship. Both associations will work collaboratively to build strong connections in education through English language training, higher education reform, student mobility, research and promotion of the partnership.

We are delighted to be working side by side with AVUC to further build the relationship between our two countries and to achieve important goals in education. We consider our partnership with Vietnam to be extremely valuable.

AVUC is Vietnam’s national association of universities and colleges, inaugurated in December 2014. AVUC represents over 450 tertiary institutions in Vietnam and over 2 million students. Its mission is to work with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in Vietnam in higher education policy development and to address a variety of association wide issues.

CBIE is Canada’s national organization dedicated to making Canada a global leader in international education. CBIE’s pan-Canadian membership comprises 150 colleges, institutes, universities, school boards and language schools which enrol over 1.2 million students from coast to coast.


in the Canadian capital Ottawa, the Embassy of Vietnam has organized Tet Vietnam Overseas and in Canada. No severe weather management, representing about 500 people, the students from all regions of Canada, especially in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg … had to Ottawa to attend the event become a tradition every New Year comes and the spring. “Overseas Festival” this year on Canadian soil is very special with the participation of more than 70 Canadian families who adopt a child in Vietnam. This is the Embassy’s efforts to grateful families kindness Canada has received the underprivileged children in Vietnam, and for students to feel the warmth of the motherland, the country with no traditional New Year’s gas Vietnam.

In the atmosphere of fun reunion, relatives and friends from near and far to enjoy fragrant bread cooked to Chung, along with the crispy spring rolls to the officials, embassy staff do. The meeting was really touching for its excellent music program celebrates spring with the participation of artists from the local elite to, your child’s piano repertoire Vincent, Vietnam people born in Canada, students Distinguished pianist Dang Thai Son, as well as the repertoire “took self made” but strong impression of Vietnam Student Group in Ottawa.

Pleasure to see the Vietnamese community in Canada is increasingly open arms connected and constantly growing, to contribute effectively to the development of Canadian society and remain focused on their homeland, origin. Ambassador stressed, step into 2016, with great success of the Congress of the 12th National Party recently, the country will continue firmly on the path of reform, to overcome the outstanding issues in order to national construction VN getting richer, rub shoulders with countries like the desire of the entire nation as well as our overseas compatriots abroad.

Tet occasion of the nation, the Ambassador sent to all the Vietnamese community in Canada the new year greetings and best wishes Vietnamese community in Canada is growing, successful integration into Canadian society, preservation and promotion of national identity, deserve a bridge of friendship between the two peoples and remain focused on their homeland, origin.

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New regulation regarding Certificate of Vietnam visa exemption

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The Government has issued Decree No. 82/2015 / ND-CP on the exemption of visas for Vietnam residing abroad and foreigners are spouses, children of Vietnam residing abroad , which entered into force on 15.11.2015. Vietnam embassy in Canada is pleased to introduce a number of the main contents of the Decree and several new features compared to the current regulations on visa exemption.

Basically, Decree 82/2015 / ND-CP of the Government inherited the majority of the provisions of Decision No 135/2007 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister issued the Regulation on visa exemption for Vietnamese South abroad, as follows:

1. The visa exemption:
Vietnam persons residing abroad have passports or valid documents for international travel by the competent authorities of foreign countries and foreigners are spouses, their children; foreigners are spouses, children of Vietnam nationals are exempt from visa in Vietnam.

Who are exempt from visa requirements to the procedures for depositing the relevant authorities (Embassy, ??Consulate General of Vietnam) for granting (Book) Visa exemption prescribed.

2. Conditions for visa exemption: The exemption of visa requirements must fulfill the following requirements:
i. A passport or valid documents for international travel are worth at least 01 years ( the new location than before ) .
ii. Have proof eligible for visa-free according to paragraph 1 above.
iii. None of the cases are not for entry and exit suspension prescribed.

3. Duration, value and appearance of the visa waiver
– Visa exemption certificates with a term not exceeding 05 years and a shorter duration of use of passports or valid documents for international travel of persons granted at least 06 months.
– Be granted visa exemption certificates for entry into Vietnam visit, relatives, settling personal affairs.
– Be granted visa exemption certificates to passports except for some special cases will be issued separately.
– Be granted visa exemption certificates for each person. Children who share their parents’ passports are granted visa-free with parent.

4. Dossiers for granting visa exemption
i. Passports or valid documents for international travel or permanent residence permit papers by the competent authorities of foreign countries to Vietnam residing abroad.
ii. The declaration of the issuance, re-issuance of visa exemption with 02 images (01 images pasted in the declaration).
iii. Documents evidencing that the granting of visa-free:
– The Vietnam residing abroad submit certified copies from originals or enclosed with the original for comparison with one of the following documents: birth certificate, let alone Vietnam nationality or certificate Vietnam nationality, other papers Vietnam recorded nationality or citizenship values ??Vietnam proved his past;
– Foreigners submit authenticated copies of originals or enclosed with the original for comparison proof that spouses and children of citizens of Vietnam or from Vietnam residing abroad;
– Where there is no proof of Vietnam who settled abroad, the competent authorities of Vietnam visa abroad based on the value of the proposed papers stating litigants is a native of Vietnam to consider and decide on the admission records.

5. Fee: The application for issuance of a visa exemption must pay a fee as prescribed.

6. The temporary residence upon entry into Vietnam
Who enter the country with a visa waiver are control units Immigration granted temporary residence certificates 06 months for each entry ( new compared to the previous point ) ; if the visa waiver for less than 06 months remaining, the temporary residence certificate by the duration of the visa waiver. Where the entry visa-free paper needs to stay on 06 May, agency, organization or individual in Vietnam guarantees and there are legitimate reasons to be considered and resolved not to renew the temporary residence more than 06 months.
Upon expiration of temporary residence, they may request the extension of temporary residence and apply for extension of temporary residence at the Immigration Department or the Immigration Division of Administration Police provinces and cities directly under the Central Government.

7. Effect : Decree 82/2015 / ND-CP takes effect from the date of 11.15.2015.

Thus, the process and procedures for applying for a visa exemption certificate under Decree No. 82/2015 / ND-CP of the Government remains as stipulated in Decision 135/2007 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister before thick. A new feature worth noting is the time to stay in Vietnam for each entry is extended to 6 months and can be renewed once for up to 6 months to come. In addition, the applicant’s passport visa exemption must be valid for at least 01 years from the date of the application for issuance of a visa exemption .