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In the atmosphere of the New Year with the traditional Spring “drinking water, remember its source” towards the motherland, dated 31/01/2016 Vietnam embassy in Canada has long held a New Year program for Canadian families receive Vietnam adoption. About 70 Canadian families Vietnam adoption represents thousands of children in Vietnam circumstances warmth tortuous find his family in Canada have participated in the program. The children and parents are watching video on traditional holidays in Vietnam, the folk games of children in Vietnam, to taste traditional dishes Vietnam as banh chung Tet, Tet jam, join festival Tet the Vietnamese community in Canada and see unique cultural program to celebrate Spring by artists from domestic Vietnam to perform.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador of Vietnam in Canada stressed that the purpose of the meeting was to express gratitude to the families of Vietnamese adoptions, and reminds the children to roots his people. Ambassador expressed his pleasure at the growing number of children less fortunate family circumstances can find support arms, which gives the children a brighter future, and expressed appreciation to the Friends of Canada has expanded loving arms embrace marginalized fate in a distant country and there are many difficulties, such as Vietnam.

Good opportunity to further tighten the rope coherence between the two countries Vietnam – Canada through humanitarian action humane. On behalf of the families receiving the crib, he share the joy when the adoption integrate very well with the new environment, while affirming their responsibility to remind the children always remembered his roots . He also expressed hope to see many more similar activities are organized for the children to have the opportunity to be exposed to other Vietnamese friends, learn the specific culture of one’s birth.

Young children are nurtured in a good environment with full of love will become good citizens, promote the good nature of the people of Vietnam, always love, respect who had grown fosterers, meaningful lives in their families and contribute to Canada XAA beautiful building, while still not forgotten their homeland, their roots to become a bridge mount friendship between Canada and Vietnam.